About the Artists

From left to right, Simon Kirby, Rob St John and Tommy Perman.

Rob St. John is a writer, field recordist and musician from East Lancashire with a specialism in art-science collaborations (robstjohn.co.uk).

Simon Kirby is Professor of Language Evolution at the University of Edinburgh. He works in parallel on scientific and artistic investigations of cultural evolution and the origins of human uniqueness. (lel.ed.ac.uk/~simon)

Tommy Perman is an artist, designer and musician from Edinburgh with a particular interest in combining new digital technologies with traditional analogue techniques (surfacepressure.net).

This is the first time Rob, Simon and Tommy have worked together as a trio. Tommy and Rob have previously worked together on the critically acclaimed art-science collaboration Water of Life (www.edinburghwateroflife.org). Tommy and Simon have collaborated on numerous projects as part of the FOUND Collective since 2007 (www.foundcollective.com).

Tommy, Simon and Rob are available for interview and feature requests. Contact info@concreteantenna.surfacepressure.net